everyone has a weird emo cousin and if you don’t then that means you are the weird emo cousin

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I still remember that last kiss.


Blacked out Viper


Blacked out Viper

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Me: I feel like I am never going to escape him.

Therapist: Why? Didn’t you just say you are happier now?

Me: I am. Don’t get me wrong, I am. I’ve moved on with my life. I don’t cry myself to sleep anymore and I am no longer an emotional wreck… but I find myself thinking of him once in a while, like I would be ordering coffee and I’d remember what blend he liked or I’d be washing dishes and remember exactly when he would come up from behind me and kiss my neck and it’s just… he creeps up on me. He haunts me. I don’t think that part will ever go away.

— Weekly Talks with my Therapist II (via letters-to-the-sea)

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